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The contractual information is available in English and French and will be confirmed at the time of the online purchase procedure. Maloc reserves the right to cancel any order from a customer with whom there is a payment dispute without the customer being able to claim any compensation.
The validation by the customer of his order, is worth acceptance of these General and Particular Conditions fully and without reserve.
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1 Object
2 Prices
3 3a. Payment
4 3b. Application fee
5 Security guarantee
6 Taxes of stay
7 Modifications of essential elements of the reservation by the seller
8 Modifications of essential elements of the reservation by the client
9 Cancellation conditions
10 Cancellation insurance
11 Abandonment of stay
12 Specific request
13 Arrival and departure times
14 Security Deposit/Loss of Keys
15 State of the premises
16 Accommodation
17 Responsibility
18 Reclamations
19 Truthful information
20 Penal Clause
21 Resiliation
22 Litigations, amicable or judicial resolution

ATTENTION ! site was the object of the greatest attention. Nevertheless, it is possible that material or other errors can appear. Moreover, we draw your attention to the fact that the photographs presented on our brochures or our Internet site are not contractual and cannot oblige us nor engage our responsibility. They should be considered as mere illustrations.

  1. Purpose: Each contract is concluded as a tourist accommodation. Therefore, the clients may not use the apartments, villas or chalets as their primary or secondary residence. They may not take up residence there, nor may they engage in any commercial, craft or professional activity. The Law of July 6, 1989 relating to residential leases shall not be applied to the present contract, in particular as regards the maintenance of the premises. Consequently, the contract will be governed by the provisions of the Civil Code as well as by the conditions set forth herein.
  2. 2. Prices :
    Maloc reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. All stays are invoiced on the basis of the rates in effect at the time of booking. Prices are inclusive of all taxes and are expressed in Euros. All orders, regardless of their origin, are payable in Euros. Prices are per unit and per week, unless otherwise stated. They do not include tourist tax, additional services, leisure packages (unless otherwise indicated), nor the deposit that the client must pay on arrival. Our product offers and prices are valid as long as they are visible on the site.

3a. Payment :
When booking online, the client pays part or all of the amount of the stay depending on the arrival dates*.
* Arrival date less than 30 days: The total amount must be paid online at the time of booking.
* Arrival date more than 30 days: 25% deposit to be paid at the time of booking; 65% to be paid one month before arrival. The last payment must be made online within 72 hours after the reminder e-mail is sent.
Online payment is secure. The payment of your purchases is made by credit cards: CB, Visa and Mastercard and American Express are accepted. The customer must have paid the entire balance of his stay by the due date. Thus, the client authorizes Maloc to debit his credit card on the due date for the next payment(s) of his stay. If the customer wishes to pay the balance of the stay by another means of payment (check, transfer, or other credit card), he must inform Maloc 8 days before the due date. If the customer does not choose another payment method within the time limit, Maloc will automatically debit his credit card for the corresponding amount.
NB: To increase the security of the payments, the control number is asked to you during your on-line purchases. The control number, composed of 3 digits, is on the back of your credit card (for American Express cards, it is the 4 digit number on the front of the card).

3b. Application fee :
the booking fee is payable at the time of booking and is charged in addition to the rental price. For any reservation carried out on our Internet site, the expenses of files are of 9€*.

4. Guarantee of Security :
Thanks to our secured server PAYBOX, we guarantee a complete reliability of all your transactions. For that, we use the most powerful encryption system of the market: SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This encryption system is the most widely used on the Internet to protect the transmission of information between a client and a server. It allows the transfer of your banking information online in complete security. Moreover, it is compatible with the latest versions of all browsers on the market. When you enter your confidential data, you will see the following pictograms: make the pictograms appear. This is proof that the site is secure and that you can enter your card number with confidence. The SSL protocol encrypts all your banking information at the time of entry. During their unique transfer via the Internet, it is then impossible to read them. We never have access to your credit card information.

5. Tourist taxes: The taxes of stay are not included in the rates. Their amounts, from 0,30 € to 1,60 € per person and per night, are fixed by the Municipal Councils of the Communes on which the accommodation depends. The purpose of these taxes is to make the tourists who stay there contribute to the expenses caused by their frequentation. The Communes entrust us with the task of collecting them from the guests and paying them the proceeds.

6. Modifications of essential elements of the reservation by the seller:
In case of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances, Maloc reserves the right to modify partially or totally its services, both concerning the accommodation and the optional services. Those which will not be provided will not be invoiced. In this case, after having been previously informed of this/these modification(s) either by fax, email or phone call, and only if this information is confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, the Customer may either:
- Accept the modification(s) or the substitute trip proposed by Maloc. If the payment already made by the Customer exceeds the price of the modified service, the surplus must be returned to him before the date of his departure.

7. Changes to essential elements of the reservation by the client:

If the client wishes to change the reservation after it has been confirmed, we will do our best to accommodate the client. Subject to availability and at Maloc's discretion, the duration of the stay may be extended at the client's request, without any obligation for Maloc to keep the client in the same apartment or to charge the original price agreed upon. In case of acceptance of the extension of the stay followed by a new price, the new price will be applicable from the initial arrival date. The client must then notify this change by letter, accompanied by a check of 35 € for administrative costs, no later than 31 days before the date of arrival. Otherwise, this change will be considered as a cancellation of the original reservation and will be subject to the cancellation conditions listed below.

8. Cancellation Policy: In case of cancellation by the client, the following fees will be charged: More than 30 days before arrival: 25% of the rent. Less than 30 days before arrival: 100% of the total amount of the stay. All cancellations must be notified in writing to Maloc. The effective date of a written cancellation will be the date of receipt of the same, the postmark being proof. Maloc reserves the right to cancel a reservation within 24 hours after the online reservation has been made. In this case, the customer's card will not be charged.

9. Cancellation Insurance:
The Hirer must ensure that he/she has cancellation insurance.

10. Abandonment of stay :
The client will not be entitled to any compensation or refund if he/she aborts or interrupts his/her stay for any reason whatsoever (including strike, medical repatriation, etc.). Any unused service will not be refunded.

11. Specific request:
If you have a specific request such as: being on the ground floor, having a specific accommodation, having a fenced garden, etc., please contact us prior to any online booking.

12. Arrival and departure times:
The rentals are available to the client from 2pm. On the day of departure, they must be vacated by 12.30 pm at the latest. The tenant is obliged to arrive on the day and time mentioned on the contract. In case of late or delayed arrival, the tenant must inform Maloc.

13. Deposit / Security Deposit / Loss of key:

13.1 : There are 2 security deposits to be paid by the client upon arrival: - 1 for the accommodation, and 1 for the housework, which amounts to between 15 and 250 euros, depending on the sleeping capacity of the accommodation. 13.2 : The security deposits will be returned 15 days after the effective departure of the Client. This period of time will allow Maloc to notice any damage that may have been caused and that is not immediately visible. If it is necessary to proceed either to the cleaning, or to any repair or to a replacement of a damaged or broken object in a renting, the amount retained on the deposit will be the subject of a justification by the means of an invoice or any other piece. Any lost apartment, house or villa key will be charged 40 euros to the client. During the stay, the Client is, by right, held responsible for any broken or damaged object and for any damage that could result from it or be caused to the facilities.

14. Condition of the premises :
The rentals are fully equipped with dishes, cutlery, bedding, except for sheets and household linen (unless the customer requests it at the time of booking and at an additional cost). In this respect, the client takes note that it is expressly forbidden to use the beds without the sheets. Maloc will check the rented premises in the presence of the client; this written inventory of fixtures will be signed by the client, who will have to inform the site manager without delay of any anomalies or basic shortcomings found after the inventory of fixtures made with Maloc. The customer must, in his interest, check on arrival the state of the premises and the inventory as well as the proper functioning of the household and sanitary appliances. If no complaint is made within 24 hours of arrival, the accommodation will be deemed to be in good condition and in conformity with the signed inventory.

15. Housing :
Each accommodation will be made available to the Resident in a good state of repair. Therefore, the Client shall use the rented premises and their facilities as a "good father of family". All the accommodations presented to the client are in conformity with the French safety standards and are regularly controlled. They are equipped for tourist stays. In the description, the maximum number of beds in each accommodation is systematically specified. The accommodation cannot be occupied by more than the number indicated in the contract. Some rentals offer facilities such as communal or private swimming pools, saunas, games, or offer certain additional activities in collaboration with other service providers: in these cases, clients must first ensure that they are in good physical condition, in good health and able to use these facilities or participate in these activities. They must also ensure that they have read, understood and complied with the instructions for use, maintenance and safety. If these instructions are not followed, or more generally in case of misconduct of the users, Maloc is not responsible for any damage, loss or injury to the users. Maloc reserves the right to deny access to these facilities or services to any person who refuses to comply with the operating and safety rules.

16. Liability:
Maloc is not responsible for theft or damage to personal belongings in the accommodation, including individual safes, common areas, parking lots and any other outbuildings or annexes of the accommodation. The provisions of the Civil Code (art 1952 and following) relating to the civil liability of hoteliers are inapplicable. Likewise, no responsibility can be held against us in the practice of sports or other activities, in case of injury, illness or death suffered by customers. Maloc will not be held responsible for fortuitous events, cases of force majeure or nuisances that disrupt, interrupt or prevent the stay. The client must check that he has taken out a comprehensive and civil liability insurance policy as well as an extension of his home insurance with a reputable company, which he must be able to prove at Maloc's first request.
* Minors under 16 years of age are under the sole and complete responsibility of their parents or guardians for the entire duration of their stay without any other agreement.

17. Complaints :
Any complaint during the client's stay must be reported immediately to the Director or Head of Reception, in order to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.
If it cannot be resolved on site, the client must send a letter within 28 days of arrival detailing the complaint. After this period, no claim will be taken into account and will be automatically forfeited. In any case, under penalty of inadmissibility of the claim, the customer must systematically pay the totality of the stay without being able to exercise any deduction of his own.

19. Penalty clause :
For each unpaid installment, management costs amounting to 15 euros per reminder, starting from the second reminder letter, will be charged to the Client. In the event that the file becomes contentious, the debt will be increased by management fees and interest at the legal rate in force, as well as any possible file and collection fees of any kind.

20. Termination of the contract:
The contract will be terminated automatically without the need for legal action in case of non-performance by the Customer of any of his obligations or in case of behavior likely to disturb the stay of other customers or the operation of the Maloc site. In this case, the Customer must return the keys immediately and may be expelled without notice.

21. Disputes, amicable or judicial resolution:
Before initiating any legal proceedings, the parties agree to try to settle their dispute amicably, under penalty of inadmissibility of the claims subsequently submitted to the Courts. In case of failure to resolve their dispute amicably, the parties expressly agree to submit their dispute to the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal of Rennes.
For any question, do not hesitate to contact us
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